November 30, 2014

Oasis and Day of the Dead hafla - Devon

All of Ashnah made this long awaited weekend!  As ever, our lovely Mama K lead us into a useful and interesting workshop in the afternoon and gave us something to take home for practice – this time, the slow rush hour fade which I’m really looking forward to nailing!!

After freshening up and changing at The Swan in Bampton (much recommended not least for its lush breakfast!), we headed to our party.  Both our Pips and Esme transformed into lovely flowery zombies (see photos) and my Kay and I decided to remain dull and boring.  We did our number which some succeeded in fluffing more than others (that’s me) but we did have a grand ol’ time – how could we not? Roll on December – thanks to all at Kalash for the organisation and the wonderful hospitality.

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