November 30, 2014

Barefoot hafla

Ashnah visited Aylesbury for this hafla, and one of our slots was a collaboration with Mahi tribe from Windsor.  The evening was hosted by the lovely ladies of Barefoot and their musicians, the Barefoot Band, and the evening's proceeds of £306.12 went to the, with a further £167.10 from Barefoot's Jennie's sari stall will go to schools in India, another noble charity.

We caught up with some familiar faces such as Fulya and Mim and also met ATS® troupe, Cat Barclay and her Jadoo’s Jingles who performed a lovely skirt number to a most wicked Calypso sounding rhythm.  As for the raffle prizes, they were the best I’d come across and miraculously, I won some Body Shop beauty products and some chocolates which we managed to finish halfway home; what else is it all about – dancing and chocolates!!!

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