April 26, 2013

The Arab Quarterly - Bellydance and Live Music Evening

Maho Beaumont

Allow me to introduce The Arab Quarterly as an evening of music and dancing to its own live Arabic Quarter Band set up in 2009 by both Melanie Norman, who has an established career teaching, choreographing and performing oriental dance, and Chalf Hassan, an international musician who brings with him a wealth of experience and great musicianship.  The location is the beautifully restored Islington Assembly Hall in London.  To that, I accompanied our lovely teacher Maho Beaumont and her invited troupe for that particular evening, Sundara’s Patsy Foulkes and Lucy Moss, along with Maho’s own student Sharon Vivers and Ashnah’s own Kay White.

l-r - Patsy, Sharon, Maho, Lucy, Kay
We found our way there quite easily and the ladies all disappeared backstage to re-emerge at the end of the show victorious and happy!  Maho’s had been the only ATS® tribal representation of the show and introduced classical music to its repertoire – genius and awesome!!!  Maho or Liquid Gold (as I’m calling her from now on) and ladies, you absolutely rocked that house – Also worthy of mention, is our most delectable Turkish restaurant where we rounded off our evening – yummy!!!!

taking a well deserved bow

report by Rita

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