April 26, 2013

Swindon Saraswati Puja Cultural Show

Sundara, Nirzari and Ashnah
Om Shanti Om you-all!  I’m wishing you peace of mind, averting of pain, bliss, happiness, and generally all that is good!  The ATS® group collaboration made its first outing at this event at the invitation of Sundara via the Swindon Puja Committee on the occasion of the celebration of the festival of Saraswati (Goddess of Knowledge) Puja.

This gathering is a first in Swindon and at the instigation of the Bangladeshi Hindu community is also aimed at promoting inter-cultural and communal togetherness.  As for the group collaboration, we're made up of the ATS® groups of Nirzari, Sundara and Ashnah who all, on the night, strutted our stuff and acquitted ourselves rather well alongside a lovely cross-section of Bollywood and Classical Indian dancing.  We all then retired to the train (yes a train car!) to partake of lovely Asian grub and some rather yummy dessert (which name ahem... escapes me!). 

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