July 30, 2012

Shoulder of Mutton, Wantage

Rita, Janet, Jo, Carolyn, Philippa, Vicky
We went to our favourite haunt on Friday and didn’t it turn out to be quite an evening - filled with firsts and yes, some minor crises!!  The good news was that it was our very own Janet’s debut with the group and she did brilliantly – here’s to the first of many.  Ashnah was also joined by Carrie Nicholson and Vicky of Brutalbellydance and that turned out to be a fun collaboration.  However, the evening almost didn’t happen as the pub’s CD player decided to act up!  Mercifully, technical minds prevailed and Vicky and Peter, our landlord, put their heads together and saved the night by transferring the music to ipod!  Lalalalalalala (zaghreeting to the uninitiated!) and oh! how could I forget - our Kay was away on holiday – missed but never far from our minds ;o)

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