July 30, 2012

Acholi Day

Rita, Philippa and Kay
Africa here we come!

Starting in May - “If the mountain won’t come to Mohammed then Mohammed must go to the mountain”.  We may not have gone to Africa but it was as near as and the ladies of Ashnah joined Grace and Sarah of Afrofusion at their event hosting an Acholi day fundraiser on Saturday 26 May 2012 at Oxford’s St. Clements’ Family Centre.
Grace, Sarah and Jan Debrah

Infectious and beautiful earthy drum beats courtesy of The Oxford Rhythm Centre, Oxford Drum Troupe and the lovely Jan Debrah of African Footprints kept everyone’s feet tapping (or was it stomping) and the sounds were wonderfully interwoven with the singing provided by both Haula Nakakembo and Joy Osaiah.  Dancing was showcased by the inexhaustible Grace and Sarah of Afrofusion, Mariam Muwanga and her swaying and hypnotic hips of and Ashnah’s own ATS® style which went across very well.  Let us also commend the wonderful and flavoursome food that was provided – yum yum!!

Then in July - Ashnah attended this community event to help celebrate and get to know this East African tribe.  Taking place at the East Oxford Community Centre off the Cowley Road, the programme included a theatrical performance, traditional African story-telling, and dancing; good food kept spirits and energy levels lifted!  We were joined by the County’s High Sheriff’s who even took to the dance floor with the rest of us and all happily bumped and bopped.

L-Kay            R-Pete, Cathie and Paul from ODT

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