October 23, 2011

The Shoulder of Muton, Wantage

D day (- 1 hour). We set off to Wantage making our way to the Shoulder of Mutton pub; this was going to be our first pub gig and we were all very excited! The agreed upon strategy (and yes we were approaching it like an operation) was to ring our host, Peter Fowler, on arrival in order to access the venue through a side entrance thereby maximising our impact - and what an impact it was! We were even asked to perform a fourth slot but decided to “leave them begging for more”. We’d made provision to get everybody up and dancing and that proved a very popular idea.

D day (+1 hour) We had a truly memorable evening at what we discovered to be an enchanting pub we would recommend to everyone. Venimus, vedimus, vicimus!!!

Make sure you pay a visit to this wonderful establishment for fine beer, wines and most delicious food - The Shoulder of Mutton, Wantage

report by Rita

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