October 23, 2011

Sahara Sisters hafla, Chippenham

Having had the pleasure of working with the Sahara Sisters’, we were invited to perform at their annual hafla, an offer which we were delighted to accept. On arrival there, it took us a minute to take in the location and less than that to sigh in relief - the hall was a beautiful large room full of little period architectural gems, there was a yummy food corner and rather nice bar, a solid looking sound along an elaborate lighting system. The Chippenham ladies had set everyone up and this group for one was really appreciative! As it turned out, I personally think this event was the largest indoor event I danced at. The evening’s programme was eclectic and the Sahara Sisters’ showcase was bright, and colourful, and vibrant and went down a treat. Visiting performers included amongst others the lovely Helen Sleiman, the mesmerising Malmsbury girls and the ravishing Raheesha with her Desert Divas. We had a wonderful evening, had some outstanding professional photos taken (see our website), scorched the floor, and drove home wonderfully spent!!

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