March 25, 2011

Nikki Livermore’s Winter Wonderland hafla - Saturday 29 January 2011

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Langdale Hall was once again the venue for Nikki’s Winter Wonderland and this year’s programme provided a nice variety.. Our hostess, the glamorous Nikki was as usual light of foot and cheeky and wonderfully supported by John Sleiman – she even had the opportunity to showcase her earlier Samba workshop with some of her pupils; ever effacing, she hit the floor in gold lame hot pants and bra, crowning her outfit with green and yellow feathers! Other exponents of traditional Egyptian were Dodo Pratt, Helen Sleiman and after a spell, yours truly! The cheeky Louisa strutted her melaya dance with a decided, dare I say, almost natural abundance of “get up and go” and well.. bagged and left with Gary!!!! Group-wise, Isisters and Hazzaz’s invasion was as colourful and as enthusiastic as ever infusing the hall at large with much enthusiasm and joyful mayhem. The Ashnah girls took the opportunity of wearing our much loved corsets and feathers along other Victoriana paraphernalia to perform our sassy chicks’ dance. Of note of course was our gorgeous Hannah (with brand new hair style) making her debut – yippee! Loreley Rice’s Ngoum el Leyl rounded off a most enjoyable evening with the multi-prop production of Pharaonic Odyssey.

report by Rita

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