March 25, 2011

Majma, Glastonbury March 2011

I’m back from Majma 2011. The Lady Raheesha beckoned and I went as along our gracious hostess, Hossam & Serena Ramzy were heading the cast of top notch teachers. I also signed up to Katie Holland’s Samba-belly (and what a workshop to kick off the day after the night before!). I followed that class with a Rumba Flamenca one headed by the grande dame herself, the lovely Valerie Romanin and what an absolute joy that turned out to be! Having rubbed shoulders with the great and the good and witnessing such first rate performances where the dancer became an instrument reflecting the music, came the time for the amateurs to showcase and tread the light fantastic. I suppose you reap what you sow and I have a way to go!! I had such a wonderful and fulfilling weekend and oh yes – I bought a dress, Courtesy of the lovely Meena – yippee!

Report by Rita

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