October 23, 2009

Gypsy Caravan Collective Soul

I’ve just spent a fabulous 3 days on the Collective Soul Level 1 course with the amazing Paulette Rees-Denis founder of Gypsy Caravan, and hosted by Steffi Colbert of Barefoot Bellydance in Aylesbury, where I met 5 other ladies on the course too - Sharon and Kay (Kalitribe), Sandra (Tribal Hussy), Chris (Four Hundred Roses), and Sarah (Phoenix) where we talked about our backgrounds and individual paths which led us to this dance style, the history of tribal bellydance, the community spirit, the connection we felt within our own troupes, and where we see ourselves in the future with dance. We then danced, learnt new steps, zilled different patterns, and listened to drum rhythms and learnt to identify them all with Paulette’s instruction, corrections, praise, encouragement, energy and humour. We lunched together, laughed, wined, dined and studied together for the final days testing. We all passed and not only did I gain my prized certificate, I also gained a better understanding, an even bigger passion for this dance, a great feeling of well-being, a connection and a feeling of belonging, and a deep caring for my fellow dancers whom I felt I’d been dancing with for a very long time.

report by Kay White

Picture L-R Sharon, Kay W, Paulette, Kay I, Sandra and Sarah with Chris taking the picture


alastair said...

Does that mean you now a certified Belly Dancer? :)

Anonymous said...

never mind being a certified belly dancer (tribal dancer) - what I'd like to know is whether this goes towards making you certifiable or not!!!!! xx

Tipsy said...

Oh definately certified (but they do let me out occasionally)!!!

オテモヤン said...
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