October 11, 2009

Against Breast Cancer

Oh the sun does shine yet again!!! What another glorious, sunny autum day it was when we were invited by Against Breast Cancer to participate in the Abingdon Splash of Pink Day which took place on the Market Place, with many shops supporting this wonderful cause by dressing their windows with shades of pink decorations and balloons. Along with the Abingdon Traditional Morris Dancers and Janice Day singing and reading from her book, we danced a variety of our choreographed dances and also our completely improvised tribal style too, along with Piotr playing djembe and Jen on the shakers. Then ... a first for Ashnah - oh my goodness, did someone dropped her stick!!!!! Oooh, but we pretended we hadn't noticed and carried on (in giggles).

Donations for Against Breast Cancer

Ashnah video


Anonymous said...

We had a blast of a day.. and yes, someone did drop her stick.. and she doesn't for a minute suppose that she'll live it down anytime soon!!

Tipsy said...

Well, we might just 'drop' it into the conversation occasionally ....