August 31, 2008

Wallingford Bunkfest

I think we must be blessed this year as every time we've been out performing the sun has shone down on us, though today was an absolute scorcher, which is very uncomfortable in full costume!! We shared the stage with 3 other dance groups at various times during the day - Old Speckled Hen, Knockhundred Shuttles and Lumbawakk - all of whom were good dancers and great fun.

There was also a group of Welsh dancers called Dawnswyr Tipyn o Bopeth, all the way from .......... Wales. I think they were feeling the heat more than us in their full Welsh costumes complete with the traditional tall black hats. Other dancers were one of our favourite groups - the Heneghan James & O'Gara School of Irish Dance - whom we danced with in Abingdon on International Dance Day. We also met another bellydance group and old friends, Hazzaz from the Witney area (thanks ladies for the loan of your amplifier)!! Much appreciated!! It was a brilliant day, and all dancers cheered each other on, such a great atmosphere.

After doing about 15 dances in the open sunshine, heat exhausted we trawled the many goods stalls, ate from various food vans and drank gallons of cold drinks and sought every bit of shade we could, eventually leaving after well over 6 hours of total fun, taking home with us headaches, smudged makeup, weary bodies and tender skin from the sun - ouch!!

Would we suffer all that pain again next year? You bet we would!!

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