July 29, 2017

Wads Stock, Wootton, Oxon

l-r Mel, Angela, Rita, Shereen, Kay
Our lovely dance friends Nirzari along with hubby Thurston and gorgeous baby Cillian (toddler now) from Farnborough to join us at Wads Stock - a great family event of music, singing, dancing, stalls, beer, children rides and more.  In the morning we performed at Wantage Presents (in Wantage), all piled into The Bear for much needed refreshments then moved onto Wootton for more performing.

Cakes, shortbread, ice-cream bought ... the rain held off ... just, which began as we were leaving.

A fabulous day with our wonderful dance buddies - thank you so much for coming.  Sharing events with you is always such fun!!

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