November 26, 2016

Workshops with Deana Lawman, Essex

At long last, after 2 years of meaning to get to Essex, the astral points aligned and Kay and I were able to make it there - and what an absolute thrill!

Everyone who knows Deana and Helen knows how light and playful these women are – and this totally translates to the atmosphere they bring to their workshops!  Kay and I walked away with a few pages of notes and yet another 'lightbulb moment' (after 16 years dancing there's always new discoveries).

The evenings entertainment was a lovely candlelit 'picnic' type do with lots of dancing and Kay and I were able to meet up with old friends and we also made some new ones.

I feel this is going to become a regular haunt of ours so until the next time ladies, thank you for your time and effort and have a great Christmas and a brilliant 2017!

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