February 06, 2016

Paula Bellydance Hafla, Bedworth, Warwickshire

February - We’ve now got our first gig of 2016 under our belts.  We joined Mistress Paula Pavlou at her hafla and took part in her show.  As usual at Paula’s gathering, the programme as a whole was not only enjoyable but distinctly of a higher calibre and her star guest was the electrifying and inimitable Nawarra whose energy never fails to uplift and inspire.  We bumped and grinded with the best and rest of them and had a great time and even decided to stay over!  Brilliant weekend – hail and thanks to Paula and her team.

Pips, Kay and I stayed overnight at a local hotel and had a great trip home the following day through the lovely countryside.

Rebecca and Lezley - Omkara Tribal Bellydance

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