October 26, 2015

Oasis Workshop in Devon & Respect Festival in Exeter

Ashnah have been attending the Oasis workshops in Devon for a while now, but this particular weekend was special because we were staying on to join up with Kalash and some of their students at the Respect Festival in Exeter. Also joining were Jacqui Spiers, Jo Taylor, our darlings Shereen and Angela of Nirzari, Jane and Steve Lawler (musicians fantabulousos!) and Carol Buckley and all 13 of us most certainly were one heck of a colourful sight to behold!

Our allotted performance was on stage under a marquis and our audience was wonderfully receptive.  We then found ourselves a too good to be missed space next to djembe drummers and did an impromptu 15 or so minutes so all in all, we had heavenly weather, beautiful crowds, terrific company and an absolutely glorious weekend!  Thank you all, thank you Kelley and Kalashies - let’s do it again sometime xx

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