September 27, 2015


The ladies of Hathor promote their event as THE dance gig of Oxfordshire and indeed it draws dancers from far and further still who all come to showcase their progress in various dance arts, from Raks Sharki to fusion to ATS®.  On the night and as I watched the programme unfold, the undeniable truth was that the prop of choice this veil was the veil; whether as a soloist, in a duet or as a group, the ever changing shapes of beautifully wafting colourful silks never fails to impact.  To complete the evening, there were 4 stalls ueber full with all sorts of goodies, and we even had a cake stall for the first time!  Food and bar ensure everyone was kept fed and watered (for medicinal purposes of course!) Hathor ladies, thank you again for a wonderful night!

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