December 23, 2014

Firewater Core Tribal Training with Kristine Adams

dancing - picture from Philippa Moirai
Pips and I caught a train to London to attend the day of Core Tribal Training with 4 fabulous teachers - Philippa Moirai and Hannah Mi from Firewater, Beth of Urban Yoga Monkey and Kristine Adams of FCBD®.  We met old friends attending the day, and made new friends too.

The day started with an intense yoga workshop (big ouch) by Beth, followed by ATS® basics by Philippa Moirai which Hannah Mi then took and turned these ATS® moves into a fusion choreo (very ingenious)!! .... then it was the turn of the lovely Kristine who gave us a thorough dance, zill and conditioning workout.  The workshops ended with a fabulous eyes closed / chill out / meditation / relaxing time, laying on the floor with our heads all pointing towards the middle, with an wonderful brief head/face/neck massage mmmmmm.  Didn't want to get up.

Kristine & Philippa Moirai - picture from Philippa Moirai
After a late lunch, we returned back to the studio to find the floor had been laid out with a circle of fresh roses edging the dance area, soft lighting, goodies to buy and music.  In turn students and teachers got up to dance to various pieces of ATS® and fusion music, whilst dancers and teachers sat around the circle watching, zilling and cheering.  A great end to a truly fabulous day!!!

Kristine dancing - photo from Philippa Moirai

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