December 21, 2013

Kalash, Christmas and March Vernal Equinox events in Tiverton, Devon

Kalash ladies dancing
Tiverton called ...... and Pips and I headed 'home' to see Kelley, the Kalash ladies and the rest of the Oasis family for the Toucan Christmas workshop and feasting!!

After a full day of fabulous workshops lead by Kelley, tired and weary, we headed to the hotel to change and then walked down to the restaurant for eating, drinking, dancing and merriment!!!!

March came and bliss, at last THE weekend was upon us; I had missed the previous Oasis Christmas gathering and had been going cold turkey since then (so you can imagine that I’d also been much looking forward to going back!).
Kelley leads the finale

Our Esme was joining us for the first time and off we went and met up with old friends and made new ones and enjoyed a great workshop which focussed on fluid transitions. At the end of the afternoon, we went to our B&B the warmly recommended The Swan at Bampton, where we changed, showered, and spruced ourselves up in readiness for our tremendous evening party and Ashnah performed The Astoria Waltz for the last time, and may I announce that at long flippin’ last, Ashnah managed to have this dance taped lalalalalala. 

We finished the performances with everyone performing on stage at once!!!  What a wonderful evening it was - full of performances, general dancing, buying, eating, drinking, silliness........ and we only had to walk up the road to bed zzzzzzzz.

Thank you Kelley, thank you Kalash gals


Exiting the stage

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