October 16, 2012

ATS® Flash Mob World Wide

London contingent hosted by Philippa Moirai

Under the concept of One Dance, One Song, One World United ....... Ashnah decided to accept Philippa's invite to join the London contingent of the ATS® tribalists taking part in our first ever personal flash mobbing!!!  As you can imagine, it was pure excitement all around and meeting up at the rendezvous point with various dancers, including 2 Brazilian flight attendants who happened to stop over mid flights to join us along with Maho Beaumont, we took our final orders from our General and disappeared into the crowd to gradually gather again throughout the dance.  It was terrific, fabulous and over too soon!!!

Our thanks to Warren for the taping, and to the rest of the ladies - it was an absolute pleasure!

View the video HERE !!

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