September 05, 2012

FCBD® Teacher Training, Sweden

Me with Megha & Carolena
Well I did it!  I flew to Sweden to be certified in the FCBD® ATS® Teacher Training programme by Carolena Nericcio and Megha Gavin.  And what an event it was too!  I travelled with Patsy from Sundara Tribal, where we joined 3 other UK dancers in Gothenburg, along with others from Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway and France ..... 19 nervous dancers :-}

2 days were given over to listening, learning, teaching (yup, teaching in front of Carolena....) :-} and were all proudly presented with our certificates at the end of the course, resulting in many, many smiley faces and numerous photos being taken, followed by celebrations!!

What a wonderful experience ..... getting to know all the other dancers, wining and dining together, learning and dancing, firming friendships and making new friends.

5 UK dancers Patsy, Jo, Kay, Charlote & Helen
Well done to all you lovely ladies!!  Lalalalalalala!

report by Kay

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