July 05, 2011

Oxford Carnival, South Park

Make the decision to throw a big community event and put the call out to musicians, group dancers, singers and any and all relevant artistes, add the absolutely necessary presence of food and drink, garnish with all manner of stalls such as jewellery and local crafts, not forgetting good causes, sprinkle it with 20,000 people - and VOILA - you have yourself the potential for what turned out to be a most eclectic, colourful, and wonderfully musical Cowley Carnival!!! The sun joined the party and ensured a great turn out and a fabulous bash on Sunday afternoon in Oxford.

Ashnah had been looking forward to taking part again this year, and although only 3 of us could make it, I can happily report that we gave out plenty of good energy, caused a most positive stir, acquitted ourselves very well, and had plenty of time to relax and enjoy ourselves.

Sore from the sun and exhausted, we headed for home at sundown.......

Roll on next years carnival woo hoo!!

report by Rita

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