February 09, 2010

Seeing the New Year in

Woo hoo, catching up on what's been happening this year starts with Kay, Philippa, Rita and Jen (belly Jen, we have 2 Jens, the other being tribal Jen), saw the New Year in celebrating it in the Dil Raj Indian Restaurant in Abingdon, eating sumptuous food, slurping superb wine, watching our belly dancer friend Jo performing yay, pulling crackers (paper ones of course), wearing hats, blowing them tooting blowey things, dancing - oh yes .. much dancing, singing Auld Lang Syne (or was it old Langs eye I sang ... mmm ....), you know, the usual kind of New Years stuff we all do.

Well according to the few pictures here, you can tell we had a blast! Enjoy the pics..................

Don't forget to go try the Dil Raj too!

Report by Kay

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